NOTE: We started the upgrade to MODIS Collection 6. We will not process requests during the next two weeks starting April 26th 2017

Smoothed satellite time series of MODIS Vegetation Indices (VI) 

Data available from 2000 - to present from MODIS Terra and Aqua


Two processing lines are available (all data can be downloaded free of charge):

1. On-demand smoothed and/or raw NDVI & EVI time series. The filtering is performed on-demand based on the time window requested by the user. The filtered products are produced in correspondance of each original MODIS product (MOD13). The data are available globally

2. 7-Day smoothed real-time NDVI time series with regular weekly updates produced in gliding windows. The filtered products refer to Mondays and even include 1-week forecasts. Data are available only for Europe.

MODIS VI are resampled to a common grid with a pixel size of approximately 250-m pixel size (corresponding to 0.002232143 degrees) and delivered directly via ftp in TIF format.


Step 1. Submit your request;

Step 2. Download data from the Results submenu. A detailed processing report and a kml file (for Google Earth) are produced.

Examples of the 7-Day products are given for selected locations on the Real-time site monitoring page. Graphs are updated every Monday. 

We also offer the data download of two existing land cover products: Globcover 2009 GLC2000. Land cover maps are provided in the same projection (extent and pixel size) of the MODIS VI time series. 

Reference document:

Francesco Vuolo; Matteo Mattiuzzi; Anja Klisch; Clement Atzberger; Data service platform for MODIS NDVI time series pre-processing at BOKU Vienna: current status and future perspectives. Proc. SPIE 8538, Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications III, 85380A (October 25, 2012); doi:10.1117/12.974857.