Real-time processing facility (EU coverage)

Weekly updates with 7-days temporal resolution

Near real-time filtering

6 "Monday-images" are produced weekly during the weekend: products from P to D are to be seen relative to the day of processing.

The Ref Mid data are the best possible and stable products. This product is available only after 13 weeks from current time.

To convert the pixel value to NDVI in the range [-0.2; 1], apply the following eq.: NDVI = (0.0048 * pixel value) - 0.2 


Land Cover maps are available in the original legend or harmonised to a simpler legend (11 classes). The description of original and generalised legends is available here: Recoding table

Select region of interest (Click and drag the the Left corner (L) and the Right corner (R) to re-size the rectangle) 

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The maximum processable area is 40 Million pixels. The current selection is:
Millions of pixels


Select dates of start and end

We will send an email at the end of the processing including the ftp link to the data
Give a Job name. It will be easier to retrieve your processing in the Control Panel list!