Smoothed satellite time series of MODIS Vegetation Indices (VI) Collection 6


Data available from 2000 - to present from MODIS Terra and Aqua


Two processing lines are available (all data can be downloaded free of charge):


1. On-demand smoothed and/or raw NDVI & EVI time series. The filtering is performed on-demand based on the time window requested by the user. The filtered products are produced in correspondance of each original MODIS product (MOD13). The data are available globally

2. 7-Day smoothed real-time NDVI time series with regular weekly updates produced in gliding windows. The filtered products refer to Mondays and even include 1-week forecasts. Data are available only for Europe.


MODIS VI are resampled to a common grid with a pixel size of approximately 250-m pixel size (corresponding to 0.002232143 degrees) and delivered directly via ftp in TIF format.


Step 1. Submit your request;

Step 2. Download data from the Results submenu. A detailed processing report and a kml file (for Google Earth) are produced.

Examples of the 7-Day products are given for selected locations on the Real-time site monitoring page. Graphs are updated every Monday. 

We also offer the data download of two existing land cover products: Globcover 2009 GLC2000. Land cover maps are provided in the same projection (extent and pixel size) of the MODIS VI time series. 


Reference document:

Francesco Vuolo; Matteo Mattiuzzi; Anja Klisch; Clement Atzberger; Data service platform for MODIS NDVI time series pre-processing at BOKU Vienna: current status and future perspectives. Proc. SPIE 8538, Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications III, 85380A (October 25, 2012); doi:10.1117/12.974857.